About me

Liesbeth is the name.

Liesbeth Corthals to be complete.

I am a freelance copywriter, editor, text corrector and translator.

How is that going? Usually I am alone in a quiet room. Accompanied by my computer. In the background a piece of music that just does not drown out the sound of my keyboard. Often with a cup of steaming tea. Without sugar or honey. Pure. Just like the words that strum from my fingers.

So about me...

Born when the first Apple Macintosh went on sale, Prince released his classic “Purple Rain” and the “Miami Vice” linen suits, dark Ray-Ban sunglasses, blow-dried hair and sleeveless shirts made their premiere.

Professionally I explored the beaten track and experimented with various communication genres over the years. Trained as a journalist, won my first incentive in one of the big four accounting firms, then made a U-turn and became an internal communication specialist within the energy sector, then stepped into a big public hospital to further develop myself as an all-round communication executive  …however what’s in a name.

But I sure know how to quickly translate a customer request into interesting and creative content – thanks to my fresh look, hands-on mentality, and expertise. I like to put my years of experience and know-how at the service of passionate and inspiring people like you.


I take action when you want me to: at fixed times, sporadically, at peak times... Overtime is never an issue. I work until the assignment is really finished.


I dig into your story. I look at it as a potential customer and ask myself exactly those questions your customers want answered.


No narrow boxes for me. With sincere curiosity and years of experience in various sectors, I tailor my texts until they are just right.