For Mobitec, thé Belgian brand for tables and chairs, I have been kneading original French and German texts into commercially accessible and appealing Dutch content for several years, both offline and online.

Merckx Hairstyling

Words say a lot. But not everything. Nele from Merckx Hairstyling has trusted me with the content on her Facebook and Instagram page for several years, as well as the mailings to her customers.


A communication agency like Comith continues where other agencies stop. They guide the widest range of customers to the finish line, both in image, in text, in print and online. They often solicit my words for this.

I once worked from sunny Malta. Today my permanent home is in Meldert (Belgium), but good relationships are there to be maintained. Izola Bank still asks me to make their Dutch content sound as accurate as the basic texts in English.

A.S.Z. Ziekenhuis

As a former communication expert at this hospital, I know the house style and tone of voice through and through. I regularly take care of the staff or doctors magazine (both in terms of copy and layout), as well as annual reports (printed or online).

Liesbeth schrijft.

Designing your own corporate identity is important. After all, it is basically your company’s business card. Your corporate identity and logo largely determine the appearance of your company. And that is no different in my case …

Festive printwork

For my youngest daughter’s first communion, I wanted a souvenir that people wanted to cherish. I designed a gratitude journal in the same style as the invitation. I did the copy and design myself. For the photos I called in the über-talented Marieke Penne and for the tangible realization I relied on Peleman.

An interesting job for me?

I am a listener. Whether it is an inspiring article, a creative campaign, a blog post, a unique invitation, an original souvenir or an advertisement: I write, read, translate and do so much more. I take action whenever you want: on a fixed moment, occasionally, at peaks, etc. Enthusiastic as always.